Online Games

Animals of the World
See how few clues you need to guess the animal in the picture –
mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish categories

Animal Tracks Game

With the National Wildlife Federation – match the animal and its tracks

Find and sink all the ships

Catch the Frog
Catch as many frogs as you can

Change Maker
Never get short changed with this cash register game

Chevron Connect the Dots
Puzzles of many of the Chevron cars – numbers up to 30. Be patient after you complete for a surprise!

Color cards online then email them
Holiday cards from Billy Bear’s Playground

Create Your Own Adventure

Fill in the blanks and create you own adventure with Kratt’s Creatures

Creature or Not?

Click on the map, hear about a creature, and then decide if it’s a real animal or not!

Don’s Dugout
Don the Mole has discovered some unwanted visitors in his garden. Can you dig down and rid the garden of these pests?

Double Fun Match
This matching game will stretch your brain! Match flags to their
countries, fractions and decimals, times on clocks or elements and
their symbols

Ecology Strikes Back

Read wacky comics and go on a web adventure – go for the high score!

Face on Your Egg
Make a silly egg face, choose a hat, eyes, and mouth

Fairy Tale

Make your own Fairy Tale by filling in the blanks and make a funny story.

Fake Out
See if you can guess the real definition for these words. Then submit
your own whacky definitions for the next round of words – see how many
people you fake out!

Francine’s Un-matching Game

Find the item that doesn’t match – easy and hard questions

Find four missing satellites with as few tries as possible…


Bounce around with ball that’s rubber banded to your cursor. Chase down those yellow blinkers as fast as you can!

Garbage – Hazardous Waste in Your Home
Do you know which things are hazardous, recyclable and not?

GeoNet Game
Test your geography knowledge – get listed on the GeoCouncil roster!

In how few moves can you find the gift on the board? Click on a square to see the direction the gift is in

Grammar Gorilla
Know what a noun is? How about an adverb? Test yourself and give the gorilla a banana

help Penguin Pete collect coins and avoid the flames

Language Adventure Quiz
Test you knowledge of English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and
Italian. Listen and then click the right picture — how much do you

Nice graphics, play against the computer or someone else

The Minifig Generator
Design your own Lego figures online

Online Jigsaw Puzzles
With pictures drawn by kids!

Parachute Guys
Make the parachuting people land on the target

Jump the pegs over each other, leaving only one at the end. Several different boards available to keep you challenged….

Piano Player
Do you play piano? See how much you can score here!

Polar Pairs
Match the arctic animals and learn a bit about each one, too

Rugrats Online Games

Join Spike, Shirley-lock Holmes, and Okey-Dokey Jones on adventures, or try the Baby Builder

Scenario Creator

Write a story with forest animals, what are they saying, what are they doing?

Shrink the Landfill

With $50,000 dollars, can you reduce trash by 10%?

Sketch a Face

Design a face – nicely done face with a lot of features to choose from – make a boy or a girl

Solar Concentration
Play this memory game with sun/space related images

Solar System Trading Card Game

Do you know about the solar system? Answer the questions correctly and collect cards of objects in the solar system

Spell Check
Test your spelling skills – get all the problems right and be listed on the leader board!

Splat the Spacies
Click on the spaceships before they get across the screen! Requires a 600×800 screen or larger

Squiggly’s Games
Word scrambles, picture matches, and fun quizzes – new games every month

Triple Quintzee
Roll the dice and see if you can get all the combinations you need

Virtual Pool Game
Play a game of 8 ball or 9 ball. Line up those shots and sink those balls!

Wacky Tales
Pick a story, and supply some nouns, adjectives and other words to complete it. Silly fun!

Warp 1.5
Fly your space craft through a maze of towers, blowing up things in your way. Cool music to play, too!

Where is That?
Test your knowledge of states, countries, the world….

Word Detective
Make your own word searches using your own words – play online or print