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The Simple Dental ID for Safeguarding Children – Provided FREE At Our Offices!

Toothprints - Kids Dental ImpressionOne of the greatest fears that Dr. Gosalia shares with fellow parents today, is that a child may get lost or, worse yet, be abducted.  As such, our office has teamed up with local authorities to provide the Toothprints ID system as a community service to local families.

Toothprints is a simple way of documenting your child’s unique tooth characteristics, DNA and saliva for use in case they are lost.  (Hopefully you’ll never have to use it.)

Making a Toothprints ID is comfortable and takes only a few minutes.  Your child will bite into a warmed Toothprint wafer in the same manner as a bite registration for orthodontics.  After allowing a 2-3 minute cool-down period in the plastic bag provided, we will give the parents the Toothprints impression to take home for safekeeping in the freezer.

How does it work? Like fingerprints, dental imprints are unique to every person – not even identical twins have the same bite characteristics.  In addition, sufficient proteins in the saliva remain on the Toothprints wafer from which a DNA test can be successfully performed.  Also, since the wafer is sealed in a “zipper”-type plastic bag, enough scent remains for a trained dog to identify and track with it.  Bottom line, a Toothprints ID provides a unique record that can give parents a greater peace of mind.

Recommended Toothprints Update Schedule

  • Initial impression: Age 3 (or after all primary teeth have erupted).
  • Update: Age 7 or 8 (or after the upper & lower incisors and the first permanent molars have erupted).
  • Update: Age 12 or 13 (or after all permanent teeth, excluding 3rd molars, have erupted).

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